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Stop Signs
High Intensity and Diamond Grade Stop Signs stand out from the clutter of background light and other distractions. High Intensity Stop Signs outsell all others.
10 Year Life.
Given the labor cost to order and install a sign, it only makes sense to start with the most durable sign possible.
3M Brand Film.
Yes, there are other films available (both imported and from other sources). But, why scrimp? The 3M warranty, alone, is worth it.
MUTCD Compliant.
24" and greater stop signs comply with the latest MUTCD rules. Use 24" signs for parking lots and roads with lower speeds. Use 30" signs for conventional roads.
Ships in 24 Hours.
We have a warehouse full of Stop signs. Most ship in a day or two from your order. Our centrally located warehouse means that you will receive your sign within that week.
Non-Rusting Aluminum.
The 80 mil thick aluminum stop signs are light enough to install easily, but do not rust. Do not order another steel sign that quickly rusts.
Great Price.
Just compare. Our top-selling High Intensity Stop Signs have a price that is far below the price that you see others selling Engineer Grade Stop Signs.
Drill Holes Line Up.
Pre-drilled holes line up with your sign posts. Every time.
Clean, Burr-Free Edges.
Check out the edges. Is there a burr that can catch? Are the edges slightly bent? Is there a 3/4" border around the outside.
Direct from Factory.
Our factory is one of the two or three largest manufacturers in the US for stop signs, traffic signs and parking signs. These are the same signs that are used by municipalities, universities and state governments country-wide. Do not accept promotional grade signs that bend, fade or rust.
High Intensity or Diamond Grade Film.
Durable Ink.
3M brand enamel ink is screen printed and then baked at high temperatures – for exceptional outdoor durability.
Free Shipping.
Orders over $100.00 ship via UPS, for free. In practice, almost every order qualifies for this offer. And, the offer includes those incredibly heavy sign posts and cast iron sign bases, too.