International Parking Institute announces top parking garages, focuses on environment

June 18, 2012

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The International Parking Institute recognizes grade-A parking garage design, like that of Corcoran’s lots

June 18, 2012 — This past week, the International Parking Institute (IPI) recognized the nation’s top parking facilities, distributing Awards of Excellence to lots that demonstrated innovation and efficiency. In recent years, parking garages have been making strides in environmental sustainability. In an effort to reward aesthetic and environmental consciousness, the IPI added the categories Best Design of a Surface Parking Lot and Sustainable Parking and Transportation Design Excellence to its list of awards.

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IPI is thinking green in its design awards this year.

The Duke University Research Drive Parking Garage heralded the environmentally-conscious trend in the realm of parking, becoming the first stand-alone parking garage certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. An environmentally conscious paradigm is customary in modern parking garage construction, with Canopy Airport’s parking facilities proving this year’s most sustainable parking location. The site boasts modern technologies fused with sustainable materials, with a total of over 4,200 parking spaces.

International Parking Institute awardee Geico lot

Geico parking lot, celebrated by IPI. 

The Award for Architectural Achievement went to the GEICO Garage in Orlando, Florida. The garage is architecturally imitative of the local civic center, demonstrating a contextual recognition and aesthetic that goes beyond the scope of the standard parking garage. The LEED Gold-Certified structure is designed to be simultaneously unobtrusive, allowing for unobstructed views of the city, and architecturally alluring, with perforated aluminum panels and a façade categorized by shifting colors and textures.

Signage improves parking lots, making traffic flow more efficient

New technological innovations lead to more efficient parking experiences. The Corcoran Parking Garage Restoration, winner of the Best Parking Facility Rehabilitation Award, used 3D modeling programs to optimize not only accessibility and ease of use, but also level closures and contaminant minimization.

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Design optimization lessen parking hassles, including overcrowded lots and confusing pathways (via

The International Parking Institute’s awards incentivize parking garage design, pressuring architects and engineers to maximize parking garage efficiency by means of friendly competition. Regardless of the awards, eco-friendly parking structures are a big leap towards environmental sustainability.

– S. Walsh


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