School Crossing Signs – Ensure Your Child’s Safety

August 25, 2011

Schools are fun places for kids. But school areas can also be dangerous for them. There is constant road traffic around schools that pose safety threats to children. School areas are prone to accidents. The small statures of children make it difficult for the drivers to spot them easily, especially when they are standing against obstructions like parked cars or moving traffic. Moreover, children’s inexperience with the traffic rules and inability to evaluate speeds and distances place them at a higher risk of running into an accident. The school and community authorities need to take all possible steps to keep the children safe on the roads.

One of the techniques to strengthen the traffic safety systems around the school area is to install School Crossing Signs. These signs can play a very critical role in upholding the safety of children by ensuring that drivers are aware of the upcoming high density children’s area. School Crossing Signs alert the approaching traffic from afar, reminding them to control their speeds or warn them to stop at designated crossings. Safety signs such as ‘Watch Out For Children’ or ‘Children Crossing’ work efficiently to slow down the drivers.

School authorities are required to place conspicuous School Crossing Signs without fail. Most importantly, these School Crossing Signs need to be MUTCD compliant for maximum effectiveness and compliance with regulations. Traditional MUTCD compliant yellow reflective signs are found abundantly on online sign stores. For improved efficacy, MUTCD now recommends using highly reflective fluorescent yellow-green school crossing signs, which are quickly becoming a prerequisite in most jurisdictions. Fluorescent yellow-green provides greater conspicuity for critical signs, particularly during dawn and dusk periods.

Slow Children At Play Sign Yellow             Fluorescent Watch Out For Children Sign

Letting your children fall prey to reckless driving or safety negligence is unacceptable. It means you are compromising your child’s wellbeing. Enforce safety rules with School Crossing Signs. Place effective School Crossing Signs on strategic spots and safeguard your child against potential risks.

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