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Crowd Control Stanchions: 2.5 in. dia. Striped Pole Stanchions (Standard Duty) (CH-0003-ST) Learn More...

Part# CH-0003-ST
Weight of an empty stanchion is 2.4 lbs, filled with sand, the weight is about 6.66 lbs.

Product Description

A perfect tool for crowd control, our 2.5" Diameter Pole Stanchions are just the thing you need to manage people and property effectively. Stanchions can be used for defining walkways, call attention to potential hazards, separating products. Use in events, schools, office buildings, restaurants, clubs, military bases, and more.

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  • 2.5" pole, 14" base, 40" overall height
  • Pole Stanchions - Striped Pole
Pole Stanchions - Striped Pole
Oct 4
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  • Made of High Density Polyethylene Containing UV Inhibitors
  • Recyclable and made in USA. Will not rust - resist fading.
  • Effective for crowd control, defining walkways, brings awareness to potential hazards, segregating products. Use indoors/outdoors. Manufacturing facilities, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Military bases, Office Buildings, Events, Parks and much more.
  • Base can be filled with sand for additional stability. Base can be attached to floor.
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Material:Pole Stanchions - Striped Pole
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Oct 19, 2017

Size: 0" x 0" Material Type: 2.5" Diameter Pole Stanchions (Standard Duty)   Verified Purchase

Just what I needed!

Just what I need. I really like that it has two hooks. I cut our Chain so each end hooks on these and hangs down to the top of the base. When I need to use them I can line up as many as it need and link them together for the perfect barrier. No piles of chain sitting on the floor when they are being not in use.
Man User Icon
Jul 03, 2017

Size: 0" x 0" Material Type: 2.5" Diameter Pole Stanchions (Standard Duty)   Verified Purchase

Great Product

great Product, price, Will order again if the need arises.
Man User Icon
Jun 21, 2017

Size: 0" x 0" Material Type: 2.5" Diameter Pole Stanchions (Standard Duty)   Verified Purchase

Quick response, Well packed and accurate Order fullfilment!

They work great for marking off the area when we are powering up new machines to be tested for Customers.