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Part# K2-3556
Colors Red and Black
Shape Vertical
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Product Description

What better way to mark curbside pick up than with a big and bold sign placed right there? BigBoss portable custom sidewalk signs couple flexible usage and high visibility with creative liberty.

  • The sign is offered as a kit that includes two sign panels and a frame that can be placed and stored as needed.
  • The sign panels fit on the two sides of the frame and can be changed as and when needed. A single frame can be used with different signs of the corresponding size.
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18"x24" BabyBoss
18"x24" Sign Panel
24"x24" JuniorBoss
24"x24" Sign Panel
24"x36" BigBoss
24"x36" QuickBoss
24"x36" Sign Panel
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Quantity / Price (Per Panel)
  • 36" x 24"
  • Plastic Corrugated Panel (No Frame)
  • Reflective Sign Panel (Single Sign, No Frame)
  • Sign Panel (Single Sign, No Frame)
Reflective Sign Panel (Single Sign, No Frame)
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Lasts 3+ years outside. Good water and chemical resistance Can conform to a curved surface. 160ºF Aug 24
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  • Engineer grade reflective.
  • 160 mil thick corrugated plastic.
  • Digitally printed using opaque, outdoor grade inks.
  • Mount with nails or stapler gun. Sign does not have holes.
  • Lightweight, chemical and water-resistant.
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Size:36" x 24"
Material:Reflective Sign Panel (Single Sign, No Frame)
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