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Tow Sign Specifications – Eight Keys to Effective Tow Away Signs


Make Reflective

Most illegal parking occurs in evening hours. A reflective sign not only complies with the DOT rules for parking lots, but enhances the readability of your sign.

Order Tow Signs

That Are Large Enough to See at a Distance. Tow away signs are 18” x 24”, or larger. The headline text should be at least 4” tall.

Mount Signs at 8’ or Higher

Make sure that the signs can be seen over other cars. You want to avoid the tired excuse, “I could not see the sign”.

Repeat Your Message

A sign should be visible from any spot within your lot. Additionally, mount the sign as your enter the restricted lot.
Tenant Tow Parking

Show Who Can Park Here (and Who Cannot)

Clearly, your lot will have some legitimately parked cars. It’s the violators that need to be targeted. An effective tow-away sign not only show show.

Add Tow Company Name and Telephone Number

Nothing adds credibility faster than the showing the name of your towing company. Adding the payment options (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) is a nice touch, too.

Comply with State & Local Rules

There are a number of jurisdictions that have specific design specifications for tow away signs. Consult a state-by-state guide to towing company signs.

Ask for the Most Durable Sign

Insist on 3M’s inks and films. Unlike fast-fading competitive signs printed on an ink jet press, signs using 3M’s matched component inks have been proven to last for 10 years+. Give the cost to install a sign, the economics of a longer lived sign are compelling.