Tow Sign Specifications – Eight Keys to Effective Tow Away Signs

1 Make Reflective
Most illegal parking occurs in evening hours. A reflective sign not only complies with the DOT rules for parking lots, but enhances the readability of your sign.
2 Order Tow Signs
That Are Large Enough to See at a Distance. Tow away signs are 18” x 24”, or larger. The headline text should be at least 4” tall.
3 Mount Signs at 8’ or Higher
Make sure that the signs can be seen over other cars. You want to avoid the tired excuse, “I could not see the sign”.
4 Repeat Your Message
A sign should be visible from any spot within your lot. Additionally, mount the sign as your enter the restricted lot.
Tenant Tow Parking
5 Show Who Can Park Here (and Who Cannot)
Clearly, your lot will have some legitimately parked cars. It’s the violators that need to be targeted. An effective tow-away sign not only show show.
6 Add Tow Company Name and Telephone Number
Nothing adds credibility faster than the showing the name of your towing company. Adding the payment options (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) is a nice touch, too.
7 Comply with State & Local Rules
There are a number of jurisdictions that have specific design specifications for tow away signs. Consult a state-by-state guide to towing company signs.
8 Ask for the Most Durable Sign
Insist on 3M’s inks and films. Unlike fast-fading competitive signs printed on an ink jet press, signs using 3M’s matched component inks have been proven to last for 10 years+. Give the cost to install a sign, the economics of a longer lived sign are compelling.