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High Visibility Safety Vests Orange: Reflective High Visibility Safety Vests Orange (OW-0010) Learn More...

Part# OW-0010
Colors orange, black, grey
1 Large Reflective Vest

Product Description

High Visibility Reflective Vests are compliant with ANSI Class 2 Standards, and are lightweight and durable.

  • Vests feature high visibility reflective tape.
  • Vests have 4 outside pockets, 2 inside pockets for conveniently storing tools.
  • Tear away buttons make the vests easy to take on and off.
  • Vest is only available in Large. If a Medium size vest is needed please see our Yellow Vest option.
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  • Reflective Safety Vest Orange
Reflective Safety Vest Orange
Lasts 10+ years outside. Sign reflects light from a flashlight. This is one of our good selling products. Great water and chemical resistance 168ºF Mounts with screws or clips. Oct 22
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  • High Visibility Reflective vests help you stay in sight and keep you safe.
  • Compliant with ANSI Class 2 Standards.
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • 4 Outside Pockets and 2 Inside pockets
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Material:Reflective Safety Vest Orange
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