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LED Road Flare 5 Pack: LED Road Flare 5 Pack with Case and Charger (OW-0006) Learn More...

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Part# OW-0006
SPN# 612X
Colors Red, Red
5 LED Road Flares, Charging Case with Wall and Mobile Charger

Product Description

LED Road Flares are rechargable and visible up to half a mile, illuminating the roads to keep police officers, fire crews, road workers, and pedestrians safe at night. Flares are also available in 3 packs and 4 packs.

  • Road Flares have waterproof LEDs with 9 Lighting modes.
  • Powered by Lithium cell rechargeable batteries.
  • Comes with charging case with wall or mobile charge.
  • Equipped with magnetic backing for mounting.
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  • 15" x 15"
  • Standard Signs
  • LED Road Flare 5 Pack
LED Road Flare 5 Pack
Lasts 10+ years outside. Sign reflects light from a flashlight. This is one of our good selling products. Great water and chemical resistance Oct 22
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  • Road Flares come in a pack of 4 flares, with 22 Red LEDs powered by a Lithium cell rechargeable battery.
  • LEDs on the flares are visible from up to 1/2 a mile.
  • 5 Pack LED Flares are able to operate in a sequential pattern. They also have 9 additional modes to choose from. Push button selection makes it easy to select the lighting mode.
  • Flares are equipped with a concealable hook on the back as well as a magnet. This allows the flares to be hung or mounted where they will be most visible.
  • A case is included with the flares, as well as an AC DC wall charger and mobile charger.
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Size:15" x 15"
Material:LED Road Flare 5 Pack
5 Flares/Flares
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