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Traffic Cone and Chain Connector Kit: Traffic Cone & Chain Kit with 6 Traffic Cones, 6 Cone Chain Connectors, 50' of 2" Plastic Chain (CH-0034) Learn More...

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Part# CH-0034

Product Description

Organize foot traffic, demarcate hazardous zones, or block entry to a particular location with this versatile Traffic Cone and Chain Connector Kit.

  • Slide the Connector down the top of a Traffic Cone, add some 2" Plastic Chain and you have created an effective visual barrier.
  • Available in White, Blue, Traffic Orange, and Safety Green. Choose your color.
  • Reflective cones are available in Traffic Orange and Safety Green featuring a reflective collar. These offer great visibility in dark.
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  • This set of 6 cones, plus the chains and connectors, provides a cheap and easy way to quickly mark a barrier that will catch everyone's attention.
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  • We've got the best quality cones at the best price.
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  • 28" x 14"
  • Traffic Connector Kit
  • 28" Traffic Cone and Chain Connector Kit
  • 28" Reflective Traffic Cone and Chain Connector Kit
28" Traffic Cone and Chain Connector Kit
UV and weather resistant. Material is waterproof. Jul 31
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  • Kits come with six 28" traffic cones, 50' of 2" chain, and six connectors.
  • Recyclable and made in the USA.
  • Lightweight, strong and durable. The chain and connectors are made from HDPE plastic which is perfect for outdoor use.
  • Effective for crowd control, defining walkways, indicating potential hazards, and segregating products.
  • Available in several colors that stand out to enhance visibility.
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Traffic Orange
Traffic Orange
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Safety Green
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Reflective Traffic Orange
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Reflective Safety Green
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Size:28" x 14"
Material:28" Traffic Cone and Chain Connector Kit
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