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Workplace Safety Stanchion: Wet Floor Pole Stanchion, 2.5 in. Diameter (CH-0023) Learn More...

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Part# CH-0023
Shape Vertical
40" Overall Height - 14" Base. Label is 14" tall by 2" wide. Weight of an empty stanchion is 2.4 lbs, filled with sand, the weight is about 6.66 lbs.

Product Description

Don’t let accidents happen. Inform people that the floor is wet with 'Wet Floor Workplace Safety Stanchion' near the restrooms or when the cleaning is in process in the premises.

  • Stanchion includes 33.5” Pole, Ball top, 14” Base, C-Hook, 40” overall height.
  • Internationally recognized safety symbols and preprinted lettering make the stanchion difficult to ignore.
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  • 40" x 14"
  • Pole Stanchions - Solid Color
Pole Stanchions - Solid Color
Oct 6
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  • Made of High Density Polyethylene Containing UV Inhibitors
  • Recyclable and made in USA. Will not rust - resist fading.
  • Effective for crowd control, defining walkways, brings awareness to potential hazards, segregating products. Use indoors/outdoors. Manufacturing facilities, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Military bases, Office Buildings, Events, Parks and much more.
  • Base can be filled with sand for additional stability. Base can be attached to floor.
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Size:40" x 14"
Material:Pole Stanchions - Solid Color
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