The 5 classes of bad parking jobs

July 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Bad parking jobs. We’ve all seen them, we’ve all done them (apparently double parking isn’t really accepted anywhere but NYC, who knew?), and we all get extremely annoyed when bad parking inconveniences us. Ridiculing bad parking jobs has become something of a cultural movement; there are even several blogs and websites that collect pictures of terrible parking. We at MyParkingSign have found some of our favorite bad parking jobs and assembled them here for your amusement . . . and indignation.

1.  The block-the-street

Keene police bad parking job

Way to set an example, Officer. Image via Free Keene.

Now, the reason we parallel park so carefully is so our car mirrors don’t get hit—cars can drive by, and no one gets hurt. Clearly, this officer doesn’t mind, as indicated by his parking job. I’d like to test that out.

2. Failure to notice the bright—no, glaring—white lines

Jeep Bad parking job

An example of unwanted car courtship. Image via Bad Parking.

Whether the poor, squished car is enjoying the jeep’s attention is unknown, but I’m sure the owner of the white car is not happy. Jeep driver, are you not ashamed? When I fail to park perfectly on the first try, I drive in and out over and over until I’m properly between the lines. But this isn’t half as bad as it would be if the white car had been facing the other way.

3. The desperate squeeze

Smart Car bad parking job

The tiny car that couldn’t fit in. Image via Wanky Parker.

We’ve all frantically tried to fit into a tight parking spot and, usually, given up, envying those with the smaller cars. Apparently though, they have the same issue. (How did those little wheels get on the curb in the first place)? I commend this individual for pushing the tiny car limits, and, against all odds, parking.

4. The slap in the face

Smart car bad parking job

How to best utilize a smart car. Image via HappyPlace.

This driver is definitely laughing maniacally inside that car. This, dear readers, is what we call trolling.

5. The despicable parker

bad parking in a handicapped parking spot

Oh, are those accessible parking spots too? Image via TheLincolnite.

This driver had better have a parking permit, because if not, I bite my thumb at you sir.

Have you seen parking jobs that have made you want to rage against the parking gods? Email a picture to ruth[at]smartsign[dot]com and we’ll feature it on the blog.


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