Chris Hoogewerff of QuickPay talks parking, startups, and the app market

February 25, 2013
Chris Hoogewerff

Chris Hoogewerff is an entrepreneur and product manager at QuickPay, an interactive pay-for-parking app.

Savvy drivers know that paying for parking is becoming less about scouring the street for empty meters and more about scanning your smart phone. And why not? Your phone, after all, can house apps like QuickPay, that give you access to real-time data, allowing you to pay for parking through their service, a text, or even IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

QuickPay App screenshot

QuickPay helps you find available parking and pay through the app, a text, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

MyParkingSign sat down to talk with Chris Hoogewerff, Product Manager at QuickPay Corp, to learn about his entrepreneurial career in parking, the innovative and competitive parking app market, benefits of paying for parking with your phone, and his prediction for the next big thing.

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