3 Reasons Why You Should Obey Sign Laws

June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012 — Traffic signs are posted for safety but are often ignored by even the most seasoned drivers. While ignoring some signs can result in a ticket or no consequence at all, it is important to remember the game of Russian roulette you play every time you run a stop sign. We’ve compiled a list of three compelling reasons to always follow traffic signals, even when it seems like ignoring them may have no significant effect on safety.

1. If you follow the posted rules, everyone gets the same information.

Many accidents are the result of just one careless driver, but don’t make that driver you. Running a stop sign at a four-way intersection is dangerous, by following posted directions you make everyone around you safer. There have been reports of false or illegally posted signs, but by ignoring these you put the people who do not realize they are illegally posted at risk. Signs give universal information, so don’t assume everyone else on the road is paying attention. Speed limits, yield signs, and one way signs all ensure that drivers follow uniform laws and keep the roads as safe as possible.

2. Signs tell you about conditions and obstacles that aren’t always visible.

Some signs, like road work signs, are temporary and give drivers important information about the area they are driving in to. Ignoring an orange sign can be fatal. Other cautionary signs, like Ice on Bridge should be taken with a bit of common sense, but are still necessary to keep drivers safe. Speed bumps, winding roads, animal crossings, and men at work signs are all important and often invisible obstacles that can make driving dangerous. Being mindful of the signs around you prevents unnecessary accidents.

3. It will save you money, and it may save a life.

Tickets for disobeying signs can be pricey and they’re easily avoided. Following speed limits and stop signs does not only make roads safer, but also keep you from breaking the law. The six seconds you save running a stop sign is not worth the $300 fine, believe us. Even more importantly, signs keep us safe and prevent deaths. Children-at-play signs are some of the most important signs you can follow. Drivers have hit children running into the street, some claiming these little pedestrians were too short to see. Simple attention to signs can keep the drivers aware and children safe. Don’t think a cautionary sign is a suggestion, it’s the law and one of the most important ones out there!

– K. Howitt

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