$2.3 Billion Air Traffic Control Plan Set To Take Flight In Long Island

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Air traffic will be streamlined with the new plans for control tower modernization.)

July 26, 2012 — Air traffic control has become the center of attention in the past few weeks as issues with outdated equipment and the decentralization of control towers causing delays and headaches for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). At the start of the new year, the FAA will begin plans to consolidate the 29 out-of-date air traffic control towers in the Northeast region into four, brand new, state-of-the-art towers, to facilitate the demands of air traffic.

The $2.3 billion plan will modernize the air traffic facilities, and each new tower will be in full operation by 2023. The first $95 million has already been mobilized for site review and design plans. Estimated costs of the first new air traffic control center are expected to amount to $220 million.

MacArthur’s current air traffic control tower, which will be replaced by the new, centralized towers. (via AvStop)

While the exact location of the first tower has not yet been finalized, the tower will definitely be in New York State. Lobbyists are pushing for the NY center of air control to remain in Long Island at the MacArthur Airport. Currently about 900 employees are located on Long Island and a commitment from the FAA to have the business remain on Long Island seems imminent.

Following on the heels of a bill that Obama signed a bill in February to modernize technology in the aviation system, the new traffic centers will replace the deteriorating facilities and outdated technologies. The changes are intended to reduce delays and provide more efficient tools for safety enhancement.

– K. Howitt

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