Parking permits: do’s and don’ts

| January 16, 2013

By Nicola Segal

permit parking only sign

Parking permits give us permission to park in designated areas that are usually off limits. Permits range from disabled parking permits to faculty and staff permits depending on location.  Parking permits can help save you time and increase a lot’s security; still, there are still some common do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when using a permit.

Do:•  Hang your permit on rear-view mirror facing the front of your windshield.

•  Hang your permit so the expiration date can be seen.

•  Make sure your permit has not expired.

•  Remove your permit before driving.

•  Only use your own permit.

•  Get a permit replaced straightaway if lost.


Don’t: •  Park in disabled spaces or restricted areas without appropriate permits.

•  Drive with a permit hanging on the rear-view mirror.

•  Park on curbs, striped areas, or yellow lines unless your permit has been authorized for those areas.

•  Let anyone else use your permit. Permits are registered per name, not per vehicle.

•  Trade permits with friends.

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