Rhode Island Institutes Parking Spaces for Motorcycles

June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012 —

Stencils like this will soon be used in Rhode Island parking lots after the passage of a new law requiring parking spots designated for motorcycles (via MyParkingSign.com)

Rhode Island recently passed a law that will require the creation of motorcycle parking spots in the lots of state buildings. The law will be put into effect in the upcoming year, declaring the offering of motorcycle parking spaces in various designated areas by April 1, 2013, with plans for these spaces drafted by November of this year.

Virtually all state-specific buildings, including city halls, the Rhode Island State House, correctional facilities, and more will feature these motorcycle spaces, indicated by signage (though the jurisdiction for municipal buildings is still under consideration). Lawmakers have agreed that airports need not feature parking spots for motorcycles. The number of motorcyclists in each state building will determine the number of designated spots, and automobile drivers parking in motorcycle spaces risk an $85 fine.

 Signage like this will designate motorcycle parking, with violators accruing a hefty fine (via MyParkingSign.com)

The reasoning behind the bill is to not only promote motorcycle transit to work for environmental reasons, but also to protect motorcycles parked far from state buildings. Motorcycles in obscure spaces in parking lots have a much higher risk of being stolen or tampered with, and are often an easier steal than automobiles.

While the rationale behind the bill may seem logical, Rhode Island residents are not pleased with the passage of this new bill. Some feel that it is irrelevant and unimportant, when more vital issues should be in legislation. State workers are particularly annoyed, as they are now responsible by law to draft up seemingly useless spots, most of which they feel will remain vacant. The mandate is unfunded, leaving the economic responsibility of the drafting and implementation of motorcycle parking to individual cities and towns, many of which suffer economic hardship.

Despite contrasting opinions on the issue, with Rhode Island’s legal enforcement of this issue, the state-regulated mandate may be echoed throughout Southern New England.  This motorcycle-centric approach to parking may usher in a new trend in parking lots across the nation.

– S. Walsh

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